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The St. Thomas Prayer Chain began in February of 2000. Everyone is invited to participate in our network, parish membership is not required. If you or someone dear to your heart needs prayers for strength, health issues, gratitude, etc., the STA Prayer Chain is here for you!  Send your request via email or by phone.  For follow-up purposes, please submit your name and contact information.  All prayer requests are confidential, unless name(s) are requested for inclusion. 

If you enjoy praying for others and perhaps looking for a ministry where you can help others from the comforts of your home, become part of the STA Pray Chain!  As a prayer for the Prayer Chain, you can be part of the phone or email chain, but we ask that you pray for all those on the chain, then call 2-3 others to broaden the chain.

For more information, to request prayers or join, contact:
Sue Schneider
Call or Text:  317.965.1317