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Cemetery Plots
Our cemetery is divided into three sections. Section A is in white, the original portion with burials as old as the 1800s. Section B is green, at the southern end furthest from the church, where only flush monuments are permitted. Section C is red, at the northern end, where there are the most available plots. 

Pricing varies by section for parishioners and non-parishioners. Parishioner rates apply to members of both St. Thomas and St. Clare. 

                        Parishioner      Non-Parishioner

Section A            $800                $1200

Section B            $700                $1050

Section C            $900                $1350

The cost of the plot must be paid in full at purchase. An official easement with parish seal is provided to be kept with your important papers.

At the time of use, there will be additional charges, with arrangements usually handled by the funeral home. Costs for opening and closing the grave vary for full burial and cremain inurnment as well as for day of the week and time of day. 

Greg Hoppe (262.930.2924) handles this responsibility for our cemetery and sets the fees. An administration fee is charged by the cemetery, $275 for full burials and $150 for cremations. There will also be the cost of the monument as selected by the family plus a monument permit fee of $75 to the cemetery. 

Please note, all prices are current as of October 2023 and may change without notice. 

Below are maps of each section, organized by block. 

Section A

Block 01
Block 02
Block 03
Block 04
Block 05
Block 06
Block 06A | Childrens' Graves 
Block 06A
Block 07

Section B

Block 08
Block 09
Block 09A

Section C

Block 10
Block 11
Block 12
Block 13
Block 14
Block 15
Block 16
Block 17
Block 18