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The Building and Grounds Committee’s primary function is to monitor and make recommendations to the Parish Finance Council on any matters involving proper upkeep of the physical facilities. After approval for any project, the committee implements the plan and develops it to completion. Sometimes parish members volunteer their services and some projects are contracted out depending on their complexity.

Meetings are held as needed, usually during the early afternoon on a weekday.

Recent Projects Completed Include:

Playground Repair

Addition of Audio/Visual Equipment in the 2007 Church

Numerous Maintenance Items


Current Projects Under Consideration:

Elevator in the School Building for Handicap Access

Remodeling of school and Fish Fry kitchen area

1880 Church re-purposing

Numerous maintenance items

Bruce Hodge, Chairperson

Jay Morrical, 1st Shift Custodian
Travis Brown, 2nd Shift Custodian
Mike Blatnik
Fred Chart
Josh Gunderson
Mark Grohs
Marty Hying
Blaise Beaulier
Ed Reesman
Bruce Hodge


If you love to garden and you want to want to share your talent with St. Thomas Aquinas, and your talent is gardening, we invite you to join the Gardening Angels.  You can volunteer as little as an hour a week, with the day and time flexible to your changing schedule and activities. 

We clean up in April, plant annuals in May, and water and maintain the landscaping throughout the growing season. Come and volunteer for the job you want to do for as long as you want to do it.  Please bring garden tools and label them for identification. 

This is a great way for youth to earn service hours and adults to share their knowledge with them.  If you have other chores to do that day, stop by and share whatever time you have with us.  If you have any questions, please contact George Toshner.

George Toshner
Phone: 262- 534-3395