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The St. Thomas Aquinas Human Concerns Ministry is responsible for determining the needs of individuals within the parish and identifying resources to meet these needs, enlisting the active cooperation of each parish member in this effort, in collaboration with other parishes within our community. In addition, we make parishioners aware of issues relating to justice and peace, so that appropriate Christian action can be determined.

This ministry is a very important part of our parish in working with the infirmed and homebound. Many volunteers are needed to help those that cannot help themselves.  Several ways you can offer your time include:

  • Provide transportation and accompany the elderly to a doctor's appointment
  • Share company with those that are homebound
  • Provide a home-cooked meal
  • Provide clothing and household items to needy families 

The list is endless! Please consider volunteering some of your time to do what Jesus taught us to do. It is an extremely rewarding and spiritual experience.

Meetings are held as needed. Please contact us with questions or concerns.

Kelly Malchine
Phone:  262-895-7207

Kristy Pavlovich
Phone:  262-492-6721

Jan Schmidt
Phone: 262-534-6782