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The purpose of St. Thomas Aquinas' Health Ministry is to assist parish members in caring for one another by helping attain, maintain and/or regain complete wholeness of the body, mind and spirit. While working with other caring ministries, the goal is to increase awareness of and practice healthy lifestyle choices.  

This ministry provides the following:

  • Nurses on the fourth weekend of each month come to take individuals' blood pressures in the Gathering Space before and after all Masses.  
  • Blood pressures are recorded and health information is available.
  • Counseling, support services, and community referrals are offered when discussing individual concerns with a nurse. 
  • Prayer shawls, bereavement journals, and other support items are provided.

If you would like to be a part of this practicing ministry, please contact Sue Pettit at 262-895-3205
or Carrie Nickel at 262-534-4234.