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The Pastoral Council is a group of people, chosen from and by the parish community, who together with the parish priest(s) guide, i.e. determine the direction of the parish, oversee its pastoral activity and temporal affairs, as the community attempts to fulfill the mission of the church.

The pastoral council is a consultative body. As such, it exists as a wisdom group commissioned to discern, proclaim, and make visible the presence and action of the spirit within the community. By its very nature, it is to provide counsel. (Reprinted from Archdiocese Parish Council Manual).

Meetings are held in the Gathering Space at 6:30 pm on the third Tuesday of the month. They are open to all parishioners except when in executive session.


Kelly Malchine, Co-Chair
Woody Ritchy, Co-Chair
Julie Limberg, Secretary
Mark Beck
Jeff Brekke
Sara Crupi
Steve Pollock
Claudia Schneider
Brad Spiegelhoff
Anita Wollmer

Gabe G., Youth Representative
Nate W., Youth Representative


The Finance Council monitors the financial welfare of the parish and parish school. The committee makes recommendations to the Pastoral Council regarding parish finances, development of a balanced budget, stewardship of financial and physical resources, regular church support, and special fundraising events.

Council members are made up of a chairperson, a priest, several parishioners at large and several members of the parish council.

Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month in the Gathering Space.  


Blaise Beaulier, Director of Administrative Services
Jim Daniels, Trustee Treasurer
Jay Henrichs, Chair
Bruce Hodge, Trustee
Nancy Hutchings, Business Administrator
Tony Militello
Carrie Nickle
Jim Pindell, Trustee
Steven Saber

Kris Tontis, Parish Accountant


Bruce Hodge, Trustee
Jim Pindell, Trustee
Jim Daniels, Trustee Treasurer