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The St. Thomas Aquinas Cemetery is located just to the South of the Faith Community Campus at:

621 Beck Drive
Waterford, WI

Rules and Regulations

For a complete list of the rules and regulations that govern the St. Thomas Aquinas Cemetery, click here.

Cemetery Layout

For  a complete layout of St. Thomas Aquinas Cemetery, click here.

For information and layout of the St. Thomas Columbaria, click here.


Veterans are honored in our cemetery with flags placed on their graves by American Legion Post #20. The flags are placed Memorial Day thru Labor Day.

Memorial Day Information

View the Veteran Memorial Markers in the Veteran Plaques Album

Veterans Roll Call

Disclaimer: This Roll Call was compiled with the intent of being as accurate as possible to acknowledge the United States Military Veterans interred at St. Thomas Aquinas Cemetery. If you have information to confirm an addition to the list or refute the accuracy of this list, please contact a member of the cemetery committee so the records can be updated. (rev. 12-31-2017)

CLICK HERE to view the Veteran's Roll Call.


St. Thomas's Elizabeth Ministry and Life's Connection assist with miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss providing help with planning: memorial services funeral and burial vessels.

At St Thomas Aquinas Parish, LC works hand in hand with St Thomas Elizabeth Ministry through “Hearts of Hope” providing miscarriage delivery aides, burial vessels, services and more.  

If anyone in the parish family is facing a loss, please feel free to contact Life’s Connection at 262-470-3119.  We will provide the support needed to foster hope, help and healing during this difficult time.




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