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Within St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Faith Community, there are countless ways for you to contribute your talents to encourage others to participate fully in Parish life, and to deepen your own faith. Review the Liturgical Ministries below and prayerfully consider how you can serve your Church.

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Sacristins assist Father in his presiding duties and help God's people worship each week. Particularly, sacristans help prepare the food for God's Eucharistic Meal for God's holy people. Those who assist with this ministry are seated in special first row seats available and those to Father's left.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact:
Jerry Nawotka
Phone: 262-534-6396


Eucharistic Ministers play an exceptionally important role in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, as they help Father to serve the body and blood of Christ to Parishioners. 

For information, training or scheduling, please contact:
Nancy Greil
Phone: 262-534-4072


Adults and students in our surrounding high schools (age 14 and up), can contribute to the celebration of Mass as Altar Servers or Acolytes. Training is offered to all servers as needed.

If you have questions or to schedule training, please contact:
Heather Craig

MUSIC (Choir, Cantors, Instrumentalists, Special Music

At St. Thomas Aquinas, music is an essential part of each worship service. Our musicians sing a variety of musical styles, including chants, motets, traditional church anthems, and contemporary music. And we offer many opportunities for Parishioners to share their musical talents with us. 

If you love to sing and can move others to prayer and worship, we always welcome new talent.

Can you play an instrument or have you always wanted to use your instrument to praise the Lord? We're always looking for instrumentalists to contribute to our music ministry.

Special Music
If you are interested in arranging special music for a wedding, baptism, funeral, or other worship celebration, please contact our music director.

If you have questions regarding St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Faith Community's music ministry, please contact Christina Kuenzi, Director of Music Ministry,


Do you have a special desire and talent to bring God's word to life during Mass? If so, we invite you to become a reader or lector within the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Faith Community.

If you have questions or to schedule training, please contact:
Terry Ritchey at


Ushers and Greeters are a ministry group of men and women who arrive at church before Mass to greet parishioners as they enter the Gathering Space on their way to Mass. Ushers also help find seats for parishioners, if necessary. In addition, ushers take up the collection, select a family to take the gifts to the altar, direct traffic flow during communion distribution, hand out bulletins after Mass, and prepare the pews for the next Mass.

This ministry is different from others, in that it requires no meetings or fund-raising events during the year. The ushers and greeters are assigned at a Mass of their choice, if possible. Teenagers are welcome to serve.

If you have questions or to schedule training, please contact:
Bob Noltner
Phone: 262-534-6490


We're always looking for creative and artistic talent to help us highlight our beautiful worship space during the many liturgical and natural seasons of the year.

If you would like to contribute to the beauty of our worship space, please contact:
Frank Korb at


The addition of cameras, screens, and monitors to our Church and Gathering Space provides plenty of opportunity for those who enjoy working with audio/visual equipment to share their talents to spread the word of God. 

To learn how you can contribute your technological skills to STA's Faith Community, please contact Carol Ewald by email or phone 262-534-2255 


A group of men and women, known as the Holy Dusters, cleans our church every Monday morning. It normally takes about an hour and a half to complete the job with many dedicated helpers.

Our duties include, but are not limited to, washing windows, vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen, minister’s room, vesting sacristy, and the sacristan’s room. We empty wastebaskets and clean the bathrooms. All tile floors in the church are dust mopped. The pews are dusted, polished and the books re-arranged. We also take care of the plants in the interior of the church.

People who visit other churches say that we have the cleanest church around, and we are very proud of that.

If you have any questions or are interested in becoming a Holy Duster, please contact Sue Anton
by email or phone 262-534-3843


With the goal of bringing Holy Communion to those unable to attend Mass and to keep their connection to the Parish active, St. Thomas Aquinas Parish offers a ministry to the homebound.  Activities include weekly visits to the homebound, weekly ministry at elder care facilities, and visits to rehab facilities and nursing homes in the area. 

If you know anyone who is unable to get to church and would like communion brought to them at their home, please contact:

Deacon Jim Nickel
Phone: 262-534-4234

St. Thomas Aquinas Rectory Office
Phone: 262-534-2255