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Mission Statement

Together we follow, share, celebrate and live Christ, embracing ministries of prayer, service and education.
  • Parish

    Working together to develop holiness in ourselves, guide others on their spiritual journey and serve one another as Jesus did.  read more

  • Preschool

    Our Catholic based program offers a hands-on play curriculum and environment that nurtures the spiritual, social, emotional and intellectual deve... read more

  • Faith Formation

    Guiding children of all ages on their path to building a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. read more

  • Sacramental Life

    Celebrating the Sacraments is a way to truly live life, bring us together in faith and thank God for His abundant grace. read more

  • Mission Trips

    Growing in faith, spreading the Word of God and learning more about ourselves, each other and the world around us. read more

  • Service

    Serving our Faith Community, each other, friends and neighbors, and the world as Jesus Christ did. read more

  • Country Fair

    SUMMER STARTS HERE! The annual St. Thomas Country Fair is coming soon and will surely be an enjoyable event for the entire family!  read more

  • Fellowship

    Engaging with family, friends, neighbors and strangers to enrich each other's lives. read more


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