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St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Cemetery Committee is preparing to erect what is known as a columbarium in the Cemetery. A columbarium is a place to inter the cremated remains of individuals, much like the burial plot is used to inter non-cremated remains. Many people today are turning to cremation as an alternative to a full burial, and in recent years interment at a cemetery in a columbarium is becoming more common.

Some common questions are:

Must you be a Parishioner of St. Thomas?

No. The acquisition of columbarium niches is open to members of any faith. Non-parishioners are always welcome.

What is the Cost?

Niche for a Parishioner $1,000
Niche for a non-Parishioner $1,200

Engraving (all uniform)
Opening and sealing the niche
US Military Veterans may have a special plate honoring their service
(All prices are approximate and may change without notice)

How do I make arrangements to purchase a Niche?
Contact Terry Ritchey at the Parish Office at 262-534-2255 or e-mail her at

For a complete layout of the St. Thomas Aquinas Columbarium, click here.