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You're Invited to Worship

We offer many opportunities for you to join us in worship, prayer, fellowship and service.

You're Invited to Learn

We empower our students to become life-long learners who embrace their futures with prayer and confidence.

You're Invited to Grow

We give children of all ages the opportunity to deepen their faith and guide them on their journey to know Jesus.
  • Parish

    Working together to develop holiness in ourselves, guide others on their spiritual journey and serve one another as Jesus did.  read more

  • School

    Fostering wonder and excitement in 4K-8 grade students to become disciples of Jesus Christ, encouraging them to become life-long learners. read more

  • Faith Formation

    Guiding children of all ages on their path to building a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. read more

  • Sacramental Life

    Celebrating the Sacraments is a way to truly live life, bring us together in faith and thank God for His abundant grace. read more

  • Mission Trips

    Growing in faith, spreading the Word of God and learning more about ourselves, each other and the world around us. read more

  • Service

    Serving our Faith Community, each other, friends and neighbors, and the world as Jesus Christ did. read more

  • Stewardship

    Sharing our gifts of time, talent and treasure so that we are living our calling to be disciples of Jesus Christ. read more

  • Fellowship

    Engaging with family, friends, neighbors and strangers to enrich each other's lives. read more


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