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Our parishes have teamed up to create a "Welcome Back" weekend celebration now that we can gather as a faith community. Guaranteed fun for the entire family so come out and join your fellow parishioners. Attend one or both days!

When:  August 7 @ St. Clare after the 4:00 pm Mass AND August 8 @ St. Thomas after the 11:15 am Mass

What:  Food, Drink, Music & Merriment!

The grills will be cooking up some of your favorites along with side dishes and desserts! Tents, tables, and chairs will be provided!

Each parishioner will receive 2 free drink tickets - Additional beer, soda, and water will be available for purchase.

DJ will provide a variety of music Saturday night at St. Clare.

Live music will be provided Sunday afternoon at St. Thomas.

A few special games will be available for kids and adults at St. Thomas.

What else, you ask????

The inaugural St. Clare/ St. Thomas Cow Pie Bingo Raffle is now open. The winners will be decided on August 8 so get your tickets while they last. Purchase tickets online at St. Clare or St. Thomas website. Go to the donate page and select the Cow Pie option. If you are not comfortable using technology email either: or

Tickets are $25 each, and we will sell two sets of 200 tickets. If you are new to Cow Pie bingo, a grid of 200 squares is painted within a fenced-in area. Each square is randomly assigned to a ticket holder for each of the two games. A ticket holder has a 1 in 200 chance of winning the grand prize. (NOTE: If you buy a ticket from both St. Clare and St. Thomas you will be included in both games. )

If the cow pie lands directly on your square, you win $1000. The four touching squares win $250 each. (We will have a set of winners for St. Clare and for St. Thomas.) All proceeds will be shared between the two parishes.

Pig Raffle - We will also be holding a PIG RAFFLE! John Henrichs, the Henrichs Family, and Henrichs Quality Meats & Show Pigs have generously donated a pig to raffle off. Thank you!!!!!

Tickets are $5 apiece or 5 for $20 for a chance at 1/2 pig, fully processed. Two winners will be chosen. Please go to St. Thomas or St. Clare website and click on the donate page. You can electronically enter the raffle by selecting the "Pig Raffle" button. Just enter a few pieces of information if you are not registered and provide a credit/debit card or account number. It's that simple and completely safe. The system will let us know your name, the number of tickets you purchased and track your payment. No tickets will be distributed. We will write your name on the number of tickets you purchase and put them in the raffle bin. If you wish to enter the raffle but really don't feel comfortable using technology, email: or

Drawing will be held on August 7 for the first half and August 8 for the second half.


Update of Mass Protocols as of May 21, 2021

New Mass Protocols. Please review.

Last week, the Archbishop announced his decision to remove all COVID restrictions that remained in place. He encouraged individual parishes to meet with their leadership and define the best approach for returning to "normal". Leadership from both St. Clare and St Thomas met this week to define a phased approach that will transition everyone into the changing protocols. Details are as follows:

  • May 22-23 Remove signs from buildings regarding masks. Individuals may choose to wear masks if they wish. The baptismal fonts will be filled and available. All the church doors will be unlocked and available for entrance and exit.
  • May 29-30 Remove ropes from pews. (Note: There will be a section of pews in the back of St Thomas church that will continue to have every other pew blocked off for those who wish to continue social distancing.
  • June 5-6 Resume passing of the collection baskets
  • June 12-13 Resume presentation of the gifts
  • July 3-4 Return to the distribution of communion beginning with the front rows
  • September Return to youth servers at Mass.

We respectfully ask for everyone's patience and prayers as we work to reimplement these practices over the coming weeks.

The Archdiocese published vs. 9 of the Catholic Comeback Matrix on May 20, 2021.  Note: all directive updates are printed in red. Click HERE to read the most current Catholic Comeback Matrix vs. 9.



Country Fair Update and Welcome Back Celebrations as of May 7, 2021

As some of you may have read, the Archbishop published a new "Comeback Matrix" last week which outlines activities that are and are not acceptable while dealing with COVID-19. As of July 1, 2021, the Archbishop is allowing parishes to hold their festivals.

Unfortunately, our St. Thomas festival is typically held in June, requiring us to cancel the event again this year. We looked at many options, including moving to a later date, but with band contracts and other scheduling challenges, we had to make the difficult decision to cancel.

Mark your calendars for the "Welcome Back Celebrations the pastoral councils formed a special planning team tasked with creating a "Welcome Back" celebration for both parishes. Although the group is in the early planning stages, they are tentatively targeting the weekend of August 7-8, 2021 for this special event. More details will follow, but we hope it will be an opportunity for parish members to gather and welcome each other back while enjoying wonderful food, drinks, music, and more.

Mark your calendars for the "Welcome Back Celebration"

August 7 -8, 2021.

The St. Thomas Country Fair will return June 2 through 5, 2022.


Do you or someone you know need assistance????

Events that have unfolded are unprecedented and remind us more than ever to keep our faith in God. During this unusual time, St. Thomas Aquinas would like to help.

If you or someone you know needs assistance over the next few weeks, please contact our parish office at 262-534-2255. Whether it be grocery shopping, walking your dog, or just talking to someone on the phone, please call our parish office, and we will put you in touch with one of our volunteers. We know there may be elderly people or people at higher risk who cannot leave their homes or are unable to find the supplies they desperately need. Please reach out and we will be there!

Also, for those willing to help with this outreach ministry, please call the parish office and offer your time/talent. We will get through this with our faith and our love for each other.









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