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Each year, the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Parish Faith Formation Program receives the very generous support of financial donors. Through their gifts, our generous supporters help our Faith Formation leaders to continue to provide an excellent religious education to all of our participants. Whether it be a gift to purchase textbooks and materials or to support our youth on mission trips to serve others, the inspiring stewardship of those who support the St. Thomas Aquinas Faith Formation community significantly impacts us in many positive ways.

As we reach out to you, our parents, alumni, grandparents, parish members, and friends, we hope to help you learn more about the importance of a tax-deductible gift and the opportunity it offers you to invest in the mission of St. Thomas Aquinas' Faith Formation Program. Every participant benefits from every dollar of your gift, allowing them to partake in the parish's mission to embrace the ministries of prayer, education and service. 

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