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Preschool Field Trip After Mass

First Communion Retreat (2nd Grade)
Saturday, March 9, 2024
9 am -11 am at St. Clare
Location: St. Clare 

Spiritus Retreat Grades 7 & 8 
October 21, 2023, 10 AM - 5:30 PM (Includes Lunch & Mass)
Location: St. Thomas

Spiritus Retreat Grades 9 & 10 
October 21, 2023, 10 AM - 5:30 PM (Includes Lunch & Mass)
Location: St. Thomas

Saturday, March 9th - Sunday, March 10th, 2024
Overnight permission slip required and due in February. 
Note: Any Junior unable to attend the retreat must find another retreat to attend at another parish or attend the Spiritus Retreat in November (details below). It is an archdiocesan requirement to attend and participate in the retreat to make your Confirmation. 
Location: Lutherdale retreat center  N7891 US-12 Elkhorn, WI 53121
Lutherdale is a summer camp and year-round conference center.  This center has hotel-style accommodations.  Transportation: Each family is responsible for transportation. No student is allowed to drive themselves or keep a vehicle on the premises.  Parents, please drive your child.  If you are in need of transportation, we can arrange carpooling with another family. 
Arrive: 9:30 AM
What to bring: P.J.'s, reusable water bottle, toiletries.  Note: Bedding, towels & showers are provided.  Lunch, dinner and breakfast included. If you'd like to donate snacks, please do! Maureen will be collecting snack items. No eating in rooms.  
Pick up: March 10th | 11:00 AM
What to expect:  To have a super fantastic awesome spiritual encounter with our facilitator, Ben Wagner.  Ben is a Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist.  Use the links below to learn more about him.  He is sure to inspire and encourage young people as well as adults.  You will not want to miss this!
Ben Wagner Music:  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Website

SPIRITUS RETREAT (Alt for Juniors)
SPIRITUS offers several Confirmation retreats for students who are unable to attend their parish retreat.
This retreat is also open to parishes that have a small number of students in their program.

Who and What is SPIRITUS?
SPIRITUS Ministries lead youth into life-changing encounters with Jesus through retreat ministry, prayer and parish youth ministry.  SPIRITUS missionaries stand as joyful witnesses to the Gospel and the teachings of the Catholic Church. SPIRITUS retreats are high-energy, to inspire students to encounter God and grow in their faith. This  one-day ”mini-retreat" is designed to help teens encounter Christ in a deeper way through the help of the young Spiritus team.  St. Thomas and St. Clare hire the Spiritus missionaries to facilitate our retreats each year. Visit to learn more.

Are Retreats Mandatory? 
We prefer the word expected.  There is simply no reason not to attend! Our retreats are amazing and lots of fun! It is expected that all students participate in the retreats, as it is a big part of the REP program.  Retreats offer a time away from their ordinary atmosphere and day-to-day environment. In return, teens are led into life-changing encounters with Jesus and a true deepening of their faith through activities, drama, personal witnesses, small groups and prayer.  Every Catholic youth needs moments of enrichment, renewal, and a deeper understanding of what it means to have Christ at the center of their lives.