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Time:  2:00PM  Arrive between 1:30-1:45pm  Confirmation is promptly at 2:00pm  

Seating: Candidate and sponsor will sit together in a designated area. Be sure to attend the rehearsal for details. 

Name tags:  Upon arrival, use the name tag printed out for you.  This will have your confirmation/Saint name on it.  Wear it where we can see it.  Do not cover it with your hair or wear it close to your chest.  

Dress-code:  Your Sunday best as we are in the house of God. 

Ladies: Dresses, skirts or pantsuits are ideal.  Modesty is of great value when deciding on the length of your dress or skirt.  Any color is perfect, but note white and red are symbols of the Holy Spirit. 

Gentlemen:  The word formal comes to mind when deciding on your attire, but this doesn't require wearing a suit.  When selecting a shirt, make sure it's buttoned down and really consider saying yes to the tie.  No jeans or tee shirts please.  

Q: How long Confirmation Mass will last:  Approximately 2 hours. 

Q: Photos:  No flash photography please!  Be discreet and quick.

Q: What happens if my sponsor can't make it?  You don't need to search for another sponsor, just have a parent, or older sibling or friend of the family stand in for your sponsor. 

Q: What happens if I change my mind about my Confirmation/Saint name and want to use a different name?  The name you choose is completely your choice, so whatever you use, make sure it is written on your nametag and Maureen is informed of the change  before confirmation.   Most likely the bishop will have the candidate wear a name tag with the name they chose.  Please wear it where the bishop can see it.  Pull your hair back, and please wear it close to your shoulder in front.  

Q: What happens if I'm sick and I can't make it?  We will postpone your Confirmation for a time when you are not sick at one of our future regular Masses.

Q: What happens if I'm late?  Don't be late, but don't speed either.  Just plan to arrive early so you are not rushed. 

Q: What happens if I have to go to the bathroom during Mass?  Discreetly dismiss yourself and go.  We will save your place. 

Q: Should I leave my phone at home?  Only if you are tempted to check your texts and social media posts while in the House of God.


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