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St. Thomas Parish Business Office
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Phone: 262-534-2255
Fax: 262-534-2929
Rectory Email:

Emergency Contacts
If you have an urgent matter and need to reach someone after normal business hours, you can reach Father Ed at 219-689-5742 or Blaise Beaulier at 262-598-6515. For emergencies only, thank you.

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  Name Title Group Contact
Gabe **** ****, Gabe Pastoral Council Youth Representative Pastoral Council
Nate **** ****, Nate Pastoral Council Youth Representative Pastoral Council
Blaise Beaulier Beaulier, Blaise Director of Administrative Services, Country Fair Co-Chair Finance Council, Parish Administration, Parish Organizations/Committees - Contacts 262-598-6515
Mark Beck Beck, Mark Pastoral Council Representative Pastoral Council
Joan Blatnik Blatnik, Joan Fish Fry Chairperson Parish Organizations/Committees - Contacts 262-534-5230
Jeff Brekke Brekke, Jeff Pastoral Council Member Pastoral Council
Jim Daniels Daniels, Jim Trustee Treasurer Finance Council 262-534-3889
Carol Ewald Ewald, Carol AV Ministry, Senior Fellowship Program Coordinator Parish Organizations/Committees - Contacts 262-534-2255
Bob Gariepy Gariepy, Bob Building & Grounds Parish Organizations/Committees - Contacts 262-534-6450
Nancy Greil Greil, Nancy Eucharistic Ministers Scheduler, Finance Council, Cemetery Administrator Parish Organizations/Committees - Contacts 262-534-4072
Mikki Hegemann-Brown Hegemann-Brown, Mikki Athletic Association President Parish Organizations/Committees - Contacts 262-210-3168
Jay Henrichs Henrichs, Jay Finance Council Chair Finance Council 262-227-6631
Kelly Hill Hill, Kelly Administrative Assistant Parish Staff 262-534-2255
Bruce Hodge Hodge, Bruce Trustee, Knights of Columbus Contact Finance Council, Parish Organizations/Committees - Contacts, Parish Trustees, Pastoral Council 262-514-2052
Michael Hoffmann Hoffmann, Michael Deacon Deacons 262-679-6318
Nancy Hutchings Hutchings, Nancy Business Administrator Finance Council, Parish Administration, Parish Staff 262-534-2255
Nancy Jacobson Jacobson, Nancy Prayer Shawl Contact Parish Organizations/Committees - Contacts 262-895-6231
Christina Kuenzi Kuenzi, Christina Director of Music Ministry at St. Thomas and St. Clare Parishes Parish Administration, Parish Staff
Laverne Lewis Lewis, Laverne Christian Women Contact Parish Organizations/Committees - Contacts 262-534-6208
Julie Limberg Limberg, Julie Pastoral Council Secretary Pastoral Council
Deacon Carl Mahnke Mahnke, Deacon Carl Senior Deacon Deacons, Parish Staff 262-534-6141
Marge Mahnke Mahnke, Marge Prayer Chain Contact Parish Organizations/Committees - Contacts 262-534-6141
Kelly Malchine Malchine, Kelly Pastoral Council Co-Chair Pastoral Council 262-895-7207
Sharon Mehring Mehring, Sharon Maintenance Staff Maintenance
Tony Militello Militello, Tony Finance Council Member Finance Council 414-881-2172
Trista Minezes Minezes, Trista Director of Elementary Faith Formation, Adult Formation and RCIA Faith Formation
Tom Moriva Moriva, Tom Custodian - 2nd Shift Maintenance 262-534-2255
Jay Morrical Morrical, Jay Custodian - 1st Shift Maintenance 262-534-2255
Jerry & Marcia Nawotka Nawotka, Jerry & Marcia Eucharistic Minister Contact Parish Organizations/Committees - Contacts 262-534-6396
Carrie Nickel Nickel, Carrie Finance Council Member Finance Council 262-534-4234
Deacon Jim Nickel Nickel, Deacon Jim Deacon, Homebound Ministry Deacons, Parish Staff 262-534-4234
Bob & Doris Noltner Noltner, Bob & Doris Ministers of Hospitality Parish Organizations/Committees - Contacts 262-534-6490
Kristi Pavlovich Pavlovich, Kristi Bereavement Committee Contact Parish Organizations/Committees - Contacts 262-534-6721
Jim Pindel Pindel, Jim Trustee Finance Council, Parish Trustees, Pastoral Council 262-895-3703
Steve Pollock Pollock, Steve Parish Council Member Pastoral Council
Woody Ritchey Ritchey, Woody Pastoral Council Co-Chair Pastoral Council 847-477-7390
Steven Saber Saber, Steven Finance Council Member Finance Council
Marie Samson Samson, Marie St. Thomas Food Service Director, Love Inc. Meal Program Coordinator Parish Organizations/Committees - Contacts, Parish Staff 262-534-2255
Marcia Santaga Santaga, Marcia Finance Council
Jan Schmidt Schmidt, Jan Human Concerns Contact Parish Organizations/Committees - Contacts 262-534-6782
Margie Schnabl Schnabl, Margie Pre-School Formation Program Director Faith Formation 262-534-6612
Joy Sponholtz Sponholtz, Joy Mission Trip Director Parish Organizations/Committees - Contacts 262-534-4669
Lynn Tamblyn Tamblyn, Lynn St. Thomas Food Pantry Contact Parish Organizations/Committees - Contacts 262-534-9655
Ed Tlucek Tlucek, Ed Pastor Finance Council, Parish Administration, Parish Staff, Pastoral Council 262-534-2255
Kris Tontis Tontis, Kris Parish Accountant Finance Council 414-349-2599
George Toshner Toshner, George Gardening Angels Chairperson Parish Organizations/Committees - Contacts 262-534-3395
Anita Wollmer Wollmer, Anita Pastoral Council Member Pastoral Council
Julie Zweifel Zweifel, Julie Marketing and Communications Director Parish Administration, Parish Staff, Parish Support Staff