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St. Thomas Catholic School Mission Statement

St. Thomas Aquinas Parish School, serving the community of Waterford since 1851, develops 21st-century learners as disciples of Jesus Christ through learning, living, and sharing the Love of God. Reaffirmed: 9/2018

School Philosophy

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School believes we are partners with families to empower children to be intentional disciples of Jesus. This belief influences the choices of curriculum, methods, and materials in our efforts to educate the whole child.

Spiritual Development

Providing for the religious and moral development of our students is at the heart of our school's objectives. Catechetical instruction, frequent reception of the sacraments, and a fostering of Christian attitudes through daily experience are aimed at developing in the children, those types of lives which will give witness to the validity of the Christian faith.

Intellectual Development

Within our daily school program, we strive to assist our students in the development of their intellectual abilities with an emphasis on the basic skills needed not only for their personal growth but also for responsible living in our society.

Personal Development

Seeing social development as a life process, we strive to guide the children in this area through their daily relationships with each other and all members of the school community. Mutual respect, cooperation, and acceptance of other persons are the ideals we uphold.

Physical Development

Recognizing the dignity of the human body and its fulfillment through good care and healthy exercise, we provide a curriculum of wholesome activities for the students' physical development.

Psychological Development

To help each individual develop a strong positive self-image so he or she would become responsible for his or her own actions and work, become self-motivated and open-minded, self-disciplined and able to express his or her ideas freely.