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Welcome to St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School. We invite you to take some time exploring our website to become familiar with our school. Although the tour you will receive here is a virtual tour, we encourage you to contact the office to arrange a personal walk-through of our school.

Walking the halls of St. Thomas Aquinas Parish School will give you a sense of the learning that takes place here each day. From 4-Year-Old Kindergarten through 8th Grade, our students and teachers work together to make sure that the time spent within these walls is time well spent. Whether you see social studies or literature projects colorfully displayed in the junior high hallways or science dioramas coming to life in the primary grade halls, you get a real sense that everyone is here for the same reason. The academic, spiritual, social, emotional and physical components of the curriculum are all integrated to educate the whole child.

The success of St. Thomas Aquinas Parish School is a reflection of the commitment of those associated with it. The students enrolled at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish School are our most valuable assets. Because of the commitment of parents, teachers and staff, resource teachers and the parish community, we are working hard each day to provide the best Catholic Education possible to our students. If you like what you see here, please call us and set up a tour so you can experience the feeling of being part of something special.

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