Support Us

Each school year, St. Thomas Aquinas Parish School community receives very generous support of financial donors. Through their gifts, our generous supporters help our school community to continue to provide an excellent Catholic education to all of our students. Whether it be a gift to the tuition assistance program, academic and athletic programs, the arts, technology and physical plant enhancements, the inspiring stewardship of those who support the St. Thomas Aquinas School community significantly impacts us in many positive ways.

As we reach out to you, our parents, alumni, grandparents, parish members, and friends, we hope to help you learn more about the importance of a tax-deductible gift and the opportunity if offers you to invest in the mission of St. Thomas Aquinas Parish School. Every student benefits from every dollar of your gift, allowing all our students to partake in the school’s mission to “become disciples of Jesus Christ by learning, sharing and living the Love of God.” Each gift, regardless of size, does make a big difference in the continued success of St. Thomas Aquinas Parish School fulfilling this mission.