School Organizations


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St. Thomas School Committee

The School Committee is a group of discerned school parents and/or parishioners, who, along with the Pastor and principal, are dedicated to the promotion and welfare of Catholic education.  

The School Committee serves as an advisory body to the school administrator.  It assists with policy development, identifying and expressing the educational goas and objectives of the parish community, budget planning and public relations.

All parents are encouraged to attend School Committee meetings that are held once a month.

St. Thomas Home and School Organization

The primary purpose of the Home and School Association is to plan and offer all-school social events throughout the year in order to foster unity and community spirit within the school.  All parents are encouraged to support the Home and School Association. The Home and School Association organizes fund raising activities, the proceeds of which help the school purchase needed materials or equipment as requested by the staff.  

St. Thomas Athletic Association

The purpose of the Athletic Association is to provide students with the opportunity to participate in a structured program of athletics.  The Athletic Association conducts fund raising activities, the proceeds of which help cover the cost of conference fees, tournament fees, athlete uniforms, and maintenance of the gym.


St. Thomas Aquinas Parish School Endowment Fund

The purpose of the St. Thomas Aquinas Parish School Endowment fund is to create a perpetual source of income segregated from the operating funds of the school, to help keep the school financially sound.  Administered by a Board of Trustees, the principle is conseratively invested to generate future income.  Endowment funds are left in tact - only the income from investment is used and disbursed for the benefit of the school.

Endowment Brochure

Frank Pfeiffer Scholarship Fund

The school offers a number of financial assistance programs.  The Frank Pheiffer Scholarship Fund is designed to assist families in need and to recognize those students desiring a Catholic education. 

Specific information regarding financial assistance and the FrankPheiffer Scholarship Fund can be obtained from the school office.  In all cases of financial assistance, information provided to the school is kept instrict confidence.