A ministry is an activity carried out by Christians to express their faith in Christ’s mission to the world.

“Ministry in the Church continues the ministry of Jesus through the ages and
throughout the world.  Continually, the Spirit calls forth new ministries and new
ministers to serve evolving needs, as the history of the Church shows.  In our time,
lay ecclesial ministers have emerged, men and women working in collaboration
with bishops, priests, deacons, and other laity, each responding to the charisms
bestowed by the Spirit.  Because of their secular character, in a particular way, they
“are the Church in the heart of the world and bring the world into the heart of the
Church” as they serve the needs of the community today. Lay people working
in and for the Church require support and encouragement in the special task of
evangelizing an increasingly incredulous world.”

“Charisms are those gifts or graces of the Spirit that have benefit, direct or
indirect, for the community. Tested and guided by the Church’s pastors, with the
assistance of spiritual directors, formation directors, mentors, and others, these
charisms are ordered “to the building up of the Church, to the well-being of humanity, and to the needs of the world.”

—Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord (US Catholic Bishops, 2005), pgs. 18; 26

St. Thomas Aquinas Church is blessed to have many ministries in which to serve including:

Human Concerns
Meal Programs

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