Youth Mission Trip

In 2009, St. Thomas Aquinas Parish sponsored its first High School Youth Mission Trip.  The intent was to give our high school youth a special opportunity to grow in faith and to live out the social teachings of the church.  To "go in peace to live and serve the Lord."  The trip was very successful, as can be evidenced by the tremendous growth and interest in the Youth Mission Trips over the past 7 years.   Following is a brief history of the St. Thomas Youth Mission Trips:

June 2009 
18 Students and 5 Adult Leaders traveled to New Orleans, LA to work with residents who, after 4 years, were still trying to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

July 2010  
27 Students and 6 Adult Leaders ventured to Williamson, WV, a small coal mining town, to meet and assist residents living well below the poverty level and dealing with disease and tragedy that often accompanies the coal mining industry.

July 2011
41 Students and 10 Adult Leaders drove to the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota to minister to and hear the stories of the Native American Indians.

July 2012
64 Students and 19 Adult Leaders will head out in three different directions this summer to serve the populations of:  

Brooklyn NY:  Many poor and homeless people are in need of help as they try to make their way on the streets of this New York City borough.

Taylorsville NC:  Rich in history as an industrial town, much of the industry has moved out of this small Blue Ridge Mountains town, taking many of the opportunities with it.

Cairo IL:  The colorful history of this river town has been chronicled by the likes of Mark Twain in the past, but now is left to struggle with poverty and unemployment.

Making these trips a reality has almost become a year-round effort.  In addition to giving up a week of their summer to participate on the trip itself, the students also donate their time and talent to help with the planning process, volunteer at various Parish functions as a way to say “Thank You” to the Parish for their support, and to participate in fundraising efforts to help defray the costs related to the trips.

These mission trips provide a fun and tremendously rewarding experience for our high school youth and represent an important step in their individual faith journeys.  They come to see the face of Christ in those they serve and in those they serve with.  It is exciting and reassuring to have so many young people willing to give witness to their faith and to share of their time and talents.  Thank you, St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, for your continued support.

If you would like more information about the Mission Trip efforts of St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, please contact Joy Sponholtz at 262-534-4669 or