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Noah's Ark Program - February 17, 2019

Preschool Feast of the Epiphany

January 6th is traditionally known as the Epiphany; celebrating the Wise Men bearing gifts of Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh to Jesus our new born king.  St. Thomas Preschool Faith Formation students celebrated this occasion at their Angel Mass, however; in this instance, students proceeded in carrying a piece of fruit that was placed in a basket to be given to the residence at the Senior Center. 

This was their way of sharing gifts on the Epiphany, otherwise known as “Three Kings Day”, the Feast of the Epiphany celebrating the arrival of the Three Kings or Magi, bringing gifts to the Baby Jesus. Our Three kings brought up the gifts at the Offertory & our Angels also sang their four Christmas songs and did special readings for the congregation at the 10:00 mass.

Little Angels 2018

Christmas Eve
Happy voices of little children always make our Christmas Spirit bright!  Our Preschool Faith Formation "Little Angel Choir" sang for the congregation prior the 4:00 Christmas Eve Mass, as they cheerfully  announced the birth of Baby Jesus! It was a delightful sight to experience heartfelt joy as our smallest parish members performed as angels in gowns, halos and wings, lighting the way with their candles.

Preschool Christmas Pageant 2018

This particular program has two parts: the first segment is performed by our PSSF Alumnae performing in the "Christmas Mouse" ; the second segment is performed by our PSFF students in the "Real Story of Christmas“, a narrative based on Luke and Matthew. A special guest appearance for our students was St. Nick who delighted all the children as he presented each child with a personalized book "The Christmas Mouse."