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Preschool Faith Formation

The St. Thomas Aquinas Preschool Faith Formation program is an important ministry in preparing our "little people." The design of this ministry helps fulfill each of the congregation's five functions: education, worship, evangelism, fellowship, and service. It is our privilege and responsibility to prepare children to serve God and people throughout their lives. Let us always remember and be mindful that children’s faith in Christ is nurtured by the Holy Spirit through God's Word. We are here and our staff stands ready to provide additional learning through our specifically designed Preschool Faith Formation Ministry, which is conveniently timed for families during the 10:00 A.M. Mass.

When you look into this proactive program, you will want to keep in mind,... your three year old, four year old, and five year old (Kindergarten) .   St. Thomas Preschool Faith Formation has been acclaimed by the Milwaukee Archdiocese as the most progressive and dynamic Sunday School Program in the Archdiocese.  

It is our privilege and responsibility to prepare and nurture our youngest parishioners as they grow in their baptismal faith. By enrolling your preschooler, you can feel assured of having your child receive the very best in a Catholic foundation. 

Mission and Vision

St. Thomas Aquinas' Preschool Ministry works to foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young child. We help each child develop spiritual sensitivity through life experience at the time when the religious doctrinal approach can have little or no meaning. As a result, we see that the faith of each child is brought to consciousness in the environment of faithful Christian heritage.

We believe it is necessary to respect our preschool students as "little people," who are moving from dependence to independence in the learning process. We have also recognized that we are all co-seekers and co-learners in the learning process. We believe our program will:

  • Challenge our Preschool Faith Formation students
  • Stimulate their abilities as they move forward.
  • Provide them with the opportunity to grow within themselves spiritually and socially in their faith and heritage.


  1. To offer each child an opportunity to grow and develop spiritually, physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially at his/her own pace and to celebrate the uniqueness and power particular to each child.
  2. To help each child develop religious sensitivity through live experience at a time when the religious doctrinal approach can have little or no meaning.
  3. To see that the faith of each child is brought to consciousness in the warm environment in a community of faithful Christians.
  4. To establish in the child's mind the importance of his/her family and his/her secure position in the family.
  5. To place emphasis on the beauty and sacredness of each person in the family, and to build a bridge between each child's experience of family and the family of God - the church.
  6. To create a bond between the family unit, the neighborhood, the community and the parish to assist the child in understanding the relationships between persons and learning in each of these areas.
  7. To invite Christian parents, catechists/teachers and community helpers to make an active commitment to the child's growth in faith and to place an appropriate emphasis on the necessity of early development of very young children in the educational ministry of the parish.
  8. To foster in children a relationship of trust with adults, so that children can, in time, accept and follow the direction and leadership offered by catechists/teachers, parents, religious and clergy.
  9. To stage experience-centered activities that will permit children to discover beauty in their world - in words, symbols, rituals and expressions - and to sense in these, creativity and presence of a living God.


If you're wondering what's happening in St. Thomas Aquinas' Preschool Faith Formation program, we invite you to view the link to the 2018-2019 calendar.

2019-2020 Calendar

Register Your Preschooler for our 2019-2020 Program

Registration form for 2019-2020 Program

All Saints Day 2019

Saint Thomas Preschool Faith Formation celebrated "All Saints Day" with students and staff participating in costume. Children were asked to dress up as their favorite saint.  Each preschooler brought props [not pictured] and a note from mom and dad with information about their saint.  All our saints received a pin saying "I'm a Saint" and each class showcased their saints as each student had an opportunity to talk about his/her saint. To top off  our annual tradition we all took part in making caramel apples;  some of our saints couldn't wait for the finished product! 

In this photo, we have saints who love animals, cousins who had babies, a painter and bakers who fed the poor!


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Noah's Ark

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