St. Thomas Cemetery


621 Beck Drive, Waterford
Located just to the South of the Parish Campus

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Cemetery History

On September 8, 1853 St. Thomas Aquinas Cemetery was consecrated by Bishop J.M. Henni. It was Reverend P. Schwaiger in 1874, who had the cemetery fenced.  In 1910, Fr. Albers had the low spots filled-in, and it was surveyed and platted with a cement sidewalk from the cemetery to the church.  On May 1, 1912, Fr. Albers, the pastor, died and was buried in St. Thomas Aquinas Cemetery.

In 1913, a Memorial Chapel in memory of Fr. Albers was erected over his gravesite.  The chapel cost eight-hundred dollars.  Also, the cemetery monuments were cleaned and straightened.  It took twenty-five men two days to do the cemetery clean-up.  By 1915, the entrance was built at a cost of four-hundred dollars.  Father Pierron who had directed the building of the Memorial Chapel for his predecessor was also honored when he was laid to rest in the Memorial Chapel in 1945.

Henry Naber family in 1945, donated the "triangle of land" to the church as an addition to the cemetery when the family passed away.  Joe Linneman donated dirt-fill and Mr. Reesman hauled the fill to the cemetery.  Also, the Norton family donated land on the North side for the enlargement to St. Thomas Aquinas Cemetery.  Because the above area was low in elevation, D. Beck filled in the low lying area and paid the back taxes so the church could receive a clear title to the land.  Additionally, in 1948, D. Beck donated forty acres of land for a fee of six-thousand dollars.  The rest of the land value was considered a gift.  The land was sold for over a million dollars in the year 2000 and helped immensely to our funding of the new House of Worship!  In 1950, the church purchased an additional two and a half acres of land North of the cemetery.

Presently, we have approximately 950 souls interned at St. Thomas Aquinas Cemetery with some graves that date back as far as 1850.