About Our Parish


St. Thomas Aquinas is a dynamic and energetic parish.  We work together enthusiastically in all areas of parish life—striving to develop holiness within ourselves; guiding our children and young people in religious education; structuring deeply meaningful liturgical celebrations; reaching out with warmth and compassion to those in need both inside and outside of our parish boundaries; and dealing with the mundane, but vital, areas of finance and building and grounds.

In order that you feel truly at home and comfortable with us, we urge that you become a vital part of one of the varied facets of parish life.  This web site briefly explains for you, the many possible directions for you to take.

For further information on any one area of interest, please feel free to call or email the chairperson of the group, who will be happy to fill you in on details.  If a contact person is not listed, please use the email link starectory@saintthomaswaterford.org  and someone will contact you.  Parish Council members and officers are also eager to help you find a niche!  Phone numbers and email address can be found under the tab Parish/Parish Committees/Parish Council.

Please join us, as we work together, pray together, and enjoy the fun of varied social activities.  We look forward to meeting you.